The first impression is to enter a little villa at the foot of the hill of Campagnano. Instead, you are surprised to find yourself in one of the most beautiful landscapes on the Island of Ischia: the Barracuda terrace is a marvel between sky and sea, where you can have your meals with a view of the Gulf of Naples and taste the specialities which Franco selects for his best clients. This will make even the most informal dinner unique. Here, everything is fresh and of top quality: both the wild fish, the meat or the Ischian rabbit. And the real Neapolitan pizza is also present, as well as a precious private collection of shells, corals, scleractinias, fossils and embalmed fish.

ristorante Barracuda
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Ristorante Barracuda

Excellent romantic restaurant

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Ristorante Barracuda Ischia
Via Campagnano, 62, 80077 Ischia NA
TEL. +39 081 377 2077 - MOBILE +39 3338915433
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